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Meet Anna

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Anna is a gifted coach who supports her clients in creating personalized healthy lifestyles that are doable and sustainable so you can FEEL better and  LIVE better too! From personal experience, she enables you to identify the areas in your life where Self Abandonment has overtaken your life's purpose.

She teaches how to build a successful life by taking back your power and creating the healthy habits necessary to sustain your new rhythm. She helps you learn to observe your body's way of informing you, feel how your heart nudges you and know where your spirit longs to soar.   

Together, you’ll uncover your life’s harmony and learn the secrets of letting it resonate from your soul.


My Story

I believe we all have a story that will eventually bring us face to face with the calling of our life’s work.


My calling began many years ago as a leader and mentor to others. But over the last 6 years, I faced many extremely difficult life circumstances that challenged my carefully constructed life.


Instead of getting to the core issues, these challenges drove me to seek other ways to overcome the struggles I faced. I dealt with each new challenge by creating another “Way of Being.” I refer to this method of dealing with our battles as “Pivoting”— and I became a Master Pivoter. 


Pivoting can be an amazing tool for supporting short-term forward progress and maintaining a goal-oriented focus. However, Pivoting can also hide the need to confront our core issues. As a life-style, long-term Pivoting is very destructive and leads to serious problems.


Hiding from or avoiding our core life issues is referred to as “Stuffing & Stacking.”  We stuff the problem so deep we don’t even recognize it and then stack the next priority onto our already overburdened shoulders and press forward.


If you’ve ever thought, “I just have to keep moving forward and maybe it will get better soon,” then you may be Stuffing & Stacking too.  


As you may have guessed, I was really good at it! I made it appear to those around me that I had it all together. My career was a success. I made helping others look easy. I stayed connected to a world of friends and family! My motto and self-declaration was to always be “The Helper.”


During those 6 years, it became evident to me that I was losing the battle— both inwardly and outwardly. I realized that, physically, my body was very stressed. I had no boundaries in place and healthy habits were nonexistent.


No one can continue to Pivot, Stuff & Stack indefinitely. Our bodies always keep the score. And for me, my carefully constructed facade began to crumble. The constant aches, pains, fractures, and other physical concerns were my body’s way of begging for attention.  


Even though it seemed I had kept it together all around me, there was one vital unresolved issue that I was still very unaware of. This life-draining, joy-robbing, burden in my life was my very own Self-Abandonment! 


My life’s sounds were the clashing of loud, clanking cymbals rather than the harmony of beautifully orchestrated chords.


Fortunately, I stumbled upon the opportunity to focus my time and effort on the life-changing pursuits of “Untying the Knots of my Heart and Life.” 

My Story

Creating A Beautiful Harmony

I’ve learned that if you don’t have your life, you don’t have your health— and if you don’t have your health, you don’t have your life. 


Through my own healing journey, I was able to turn my past hard experiences into a revived passion for others that has motivated me and catapulted me into my life’s true purpose. Now, as a life and health coach, I help others by sharing the tools I’ve acquired on life’s journey.


Through personalized strategies that work for each individual, I offer coaching expertise while offering desirable accountability. I have learned through both my intense training and personal life experience that each of these are essential for a solid foundation in life. 


I believe this methodology is absolutely necessary to achieve your dream of changing poor habits into good ones and improving your life’s circumstances.


I want to walk this journey side by side with you. Are you ready to join me? I know it may sound risky, but if you are willing, you can create a life that sounds like a “Beautiful Harmony.”


So let’s get started. Take your first step toward total transformation by contacting me today for your free 30 minute discovery session.  Together we’ll set a course to discover who your soul longs to be.

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Certifications & Training

  • As a fully certified Life & Health coach through the Health Coach Institute, I am able to help you better understand the root issues driving your unhealthy behavior and offer you customized systems, support and accountability as we work through to discover the new you.


  • My Senior Coaching Certification through Ventana Trainings in Boise, Idaho equipped me with a deep understanding of emotional intelligence, leadership, and the power to create success stories in every domain of life. 


  • My completion of “Untying the Knots of the Heart” comprehensive, six-month training course through Aphesis Group in Boise, Idaho enables me to gently dig deeper into the heart of the matter while fostering new growth and permanent life change.


  • As a Senior Director working as an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I acquired ongoing leadership and career team building training in a relational business environment equipping me with effective tools to support your professional goals.


  • Always improving my skills, I am currently continuing my education and am honored to be enrolled in the Mastery Program through the Health Coach Institute. This training will provide additional tools to assist my clients in maximizing their transformative change.​

What's Your Next Step?

Begin Your Journey Today!

  • Embrace New Habits, Reactions & Responses

  • Uncover the Roots of Self-Abandonment

  • Find Your Voice & Reclaim Your Power

  • Establish a Healthy Relationship with Food

  • Discover Your

   Most Authentic Self

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