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What Women Are Saying
About Anna & Life's Harmony Coaching:


Anna, I realized what my A-ha moment really is after yesterday’s session— I truly feel that life coaching is equally as helpful, if not more so, than therapy! YOU help solve stuff. You lay a plan out clearly... And focus it all. Therapy tends to just listen to ruminating issues. Which is helpful... BUT I really dig your style and approach with Life Coaching.

Soooooo blessed our paths have crossed! You're awesome!!!!


Anna is incredible! She took me through some hard things and literally held my hand through 90 days that changed my life! Her coaching is so amazing and she even walked me through some very challenging inner child work as well. I want everyone to know that she is the right fit for you! She has the ability to see what areas need work and does it in the most amazing way possible with kindness and connection. She makes you feel less alone through her incredible accountability. I can not thank her enough for her compassion for helping others and the love and light she poured into me. I am literally a different human because of her!


"Anna Empowers Women to Choose Lives of Harmony" 

Here's the most empowering realizations I had from the past 90 days of coaching with Anna. 


  • Identifying my "Big Why" in my journey to be fit, eat healthy and improve my health

I learned: I wish to live a long healthy life to enjoy my precious time with my Husband, daughter and Grandchildren. I want to feel good and be physically able to perform fun adventurous outings in this gorgeous outdoor arena we live in.

  • Identifying my anchors to help me reel in bad desires in my moments of weakness.

I learned: My wedding ring is a reminder (my anchor) to eat healthy, build strength, improve my health

  • Visualization of the new me

I learned: I imagine myself, feel myself, and actually fit in my mind into my new improved slender me. All in a glorious relaxing setting soaking up the beauty of it all!

  • Time spent with loved ones is not about the food!

I learned: to focus on enjoying time together, be present in the moment instead of fussing over a big unhealthy energy sucking meal. I can still serve a hassle free lighter meal and no one will care that I didn't spend hours upon hours slaving in the kitchen. Instead I get to participate in activities and conversations, laughing, and bonding.

  • Three legged stool

I learned: if my life is not balanced I will suffer the consequences of being unbalanced and unhappy. It takes all 3 legs of the stool in your life to live well and balanced!


​I am leaving past hurts and disappointments in the past where they belong. Thank you, Anna!


I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Anna.  She has a soft demeanor but asks tough questions, which has helped me become aware of my feelings and empower my decisions.  Anna has guided me toward a better understanding of who I am and helped me envision my dreams and future. I know from coaching with Anna, that I am standing in my power and moving toward living a healthier life. 


When I reached out to Anna and asked her to be my business coach I was looking to get help with my business and the roadblocks I was facing, but what I received instead was so much more than what I was expecting!


She gave me real life tools to overcome the hurdles and made me aware of what they were so that I could make a conscious effort to overcome them for good! Our sessions together were always eye opening and we dug deep into my blocks and figured out why they were there.


She is inspiring and has provided me with more life changing tools than I could have ever imagined! She helped me look at my challenges in a completely different light so that I could have a positive, instead of a negative approach and a more successful outcome!


Ever feel like you keep hitting an invisible wall? Ever wonder what holds you back from success? In relationships or business? Have you ever wished you knew the trick, the key ingredient missing that others seem to know? Sometimes it's not an outside thing, but an inside roadblock that creates unintended self-sabotage. 


Remove the roadblock and watch yourself blossom. 


Within a safe and comfortable space, Anna has an extraordinary ability to help you go deep into the layers of the past and gently draw out the root issues. And, free you from their grip.


Anna has helped me to discover and peel away traumas and freed me to live my best life. 


Freedom and success is only one good decision, one brave step, away. 


Life Coaching with Anna is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


My coaching with Anna started with Health and Self Care strategies throughout my 90 Day Transformation. We evolved into more of a Life Coaching process that has helped me take my power back in several areas of my life. My new confidence helped me step into the best version of me and now I follow my passions in several areas.  I am leading women in connection and spiritual direction, which I'm loving.


Anna is truly unique. Her background, life experiences and professional training deliver a powerful combination of insight, wisdom and knowledge. She's helped create a safe environment for me to discover my true self, bringing harmony and intuition back into my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her.


Some of the progress I've made includes:

  • Developing a healthy relationship with food

  • Practicing mental rehearsal to establish better habits

  • Learn to be intentional about self-care and avoid the busy-ness trap

  • Telling my inner critic “Thanks for your input but I’m going to _____ instead.”

  • Practicing relaxation techniques & investing in simple pleasures that add sweetness to my life

  • Identifying past wounds and how they have affected my entire life. I am taking healthy steps to bring healing to my soul and moving beyond the pain and brokenness. 


I had no idea what to expect when starting the Life Coaching journey with Anna. Through this experience, Anna’s calm, quiet demeaner helped me to process things in my past that while aware of them, I’d never been able to work through them to the state of healing that she has helped me to achieve. A painful pattern of how I viewed myself for decades was able to be completely altered and shifted to a much healthier view. I no longer drive myself to please others in order to gain my self-worth but am now able to take time off from the mental state of “I have to work” to being able to take time off for myself, to enjoy the beauty outside and to be present with those around me. Thank you Anna for walking through this with me!


My experience with Anna and her coaching style was a pleasant surprise. Our journey was more than what I had expected.  It's the best money I have spent on myself in a long time.


I hired Anna to help me see where I was “stuck” in my home business.    


I have never “hired” personal or business counseling before.   


Anna was super easy to help me feel comfortable, have honest conversations & insights about myself & the small steps that could help a business that’s based on building relationships.    


She uses great tools & her wonderful heart to help guide you to what’s needed.    


I highly recommend Anna to anyone who is struggling with almost anything!



What's Your Next Step?

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