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Achieving Your Life's Harmony

Find purpose & ignite your passion with a 90 Day Total Transformation.

Service Description

Stop trying to balance your life and create your Harmony instead. Through this 90 Day Total Transformation, you will find purpose, ignite passion and discover that which is Greater. Enjoying your Life's Harmony begins with gaining awareness of when your melody isn't playing or sounds like clanging symbols. Our journeys of chaos didn't happen overnight. Rather years of choices we made have entrenched our patterns of behavior that haven’t served us well. Isn’t it time to rewrite your song? Based on creating new pathways to achieve the results you want in your Way of Being, this journey affects the way you respond or react to influences in your everyday life and results in developing a new harmonious rhythm. You’ll find the sequence of this journey comforting. With gentle support, compassionate accountability and powerful systems, you will learn how to apply appropriate tools to redefine 1 habit, 1 reaction, 1 response at a time and be empowered to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams as you step into your best authentic self. Celebrate your growth and confidence with a Take Your Power Back Experience. Yes, it’s time for a bucket-list style event. Ever dream of flying? You could soar through the air on a zip-line tour, experience the thrill of accomplishment on an Ariel Obstacle Coarse or glide above the lake while parasailing. Would you rather take a ballroom dance lesson? Test your problem-solving skills at an Escape Room? Spend the day snowshoeing through an enchanted forest? Or does something else come to mind? Anna will customize your Take Your Power Back Experience just for you! Your “Achieving Life’s Harmony” Journey Includes: Wheel of Life Assessment 144 question Enneagram Testing to Self-Discovery Your Choice of One Book: The Road Back to You OR Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram Belief Impact Transformational Coaching A Take Your Power Back Experience 12 one-hour online coaching sessions with Anna Support and Encouragement through Private Messaging Email Support with 24 hour Response Time A Weekly Action Plan Ready to get started? Schedule your free Discovery Consultation today. During your free 30 minute Discovery Session, Anna will ask you some questions to help pinpoint areas of your life that need to be nourished. Together, you will identify the right step-by-step plan to help you achieve harmony in your life, empowering you to become your most authentic self.

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